7 Top IPhone, Android and Tablet Apps For Trading

Markets trade almost twenty four hours a day. But as a busy person, you certainly can’t be tied to your desk. You have a family life, iphone appsbusiness meetings, and then there’s leisure time to fit in somewhere. But markets move, and won’t stand still while you’re out doing something that just won’t wait. Fortunately, with the advent of the mobile phone, iPhones, iPads, and other such devices, you can now stay in touch with your investments and trades anywhere you go.

There’s such a myriad of phone apps for the active trader that it’s hard to choose the right one for you. Do you want an app that gives information, or allows you to view stock charts, or to trade from anywhere, or to view your own personal portfolio of stocks? Perhaps you want to be connected to other investors around the world, exchanging news and views?

Whatever your personal requirements, there’s an app that will add value to your life as a stock trader. Here we look at eight exceptional apps that will help make your trading even more profitable.


Anyone who uses Bloomberg knows what a powerful tool it is. If its news, views, stock prices, and charts that you want, then Bloomberg provides them. Available on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android products, you can have access to real time data, portfolio tracking tools, news and charts when on the move. This app is invaluable to all serious traders.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is the most used finance site on the web today. With real time data, charting capabilities, historic data that can be downloaded to excel spread sheets, as well as up –to-date news, analysis, and portfolio management tools, this app, like the Bloomberg app, is a must have for any trader wanting to keep up-to-date while on the move.

Pro Stock Ticker

If you would like an app that streams price information to you then the Android Stocks Tape Widget from Wavestock gives you a fully integrated ticker tape on your android screen. Stock prices from all the major markets around the world (and then some) are available, and you can set multiple stocks and indices to roll across your screen as if you were sat in front of the ticker tape at your desk. Just like a ticker tape, too, price changes are shown in multiple colours, so it’s easy to follow the current market trend.

ETrade Mobile Pro

You might not be an ETrade customer, but you can still use their mobile app, the ETrade Mobile Pro. Available on android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry. ETrade has over 4 million customer accounts, and around $190 billion of customer assets, so you would expect that its phone app should be something special. You won’t be disappointed.

This app allows you to track markets, read independent research reports, view CNBC market news and analysis, build stock charts, and (if an ETrade customer) place trades wherever you are. Another neat trick it gives is allows you to take a photo of a barcode and get details of the company associated with it, if available.


If you like watchlists, then one of the best available is on the CNBC Real Time app, available for most mobile devices. This app allows you to customize a stock watchlist, getting real time quotes, and receive the top business stories of the day. With pre-market trade data, and over 150 video clips each day, you won’t be stuck for information with CNBC.


If you like stock trading sharing ideas and hearing the views of others, then this is a great app for you. For the iPhone, you will suddenly be connected with thousands of other users all wanting to hear your views and express theirs. Add in market news, charts, and videos then this app becomes a whole lot more than an investment blog. For android devices, StockTwits has its StockDroid app, which allows monitoring of portfolios, and easy addition of stock symbols, as well as news and charts.


Ok, so this isn’t an app for phones, but if you have a tablet then this app is a great addition for the stock trader. You have electronic access to a range of asset classes, including stocks on markets around the world. Using real time data, you can build charts and trade instantaneously. The system searches for the best prices available and routes your order accordingly for best price execution. Trade and account monitoring is also dynamic and real time.

Stock Ticker Lite

If you want to know what the markets are doing at a glance, then this wallpaper for your mobile is a great addition. You see your stock quotes even when your phone is locked, and the app supports all major US indices and US stocks. If your outlook is a little more global, then you should consider the Stock Ticker Pro, which supports almost all stocks and indices, ETFs and mutual funds in the world. This app is available for MbiSoft Apps

All in all, there’s no need to be disconnected from the markets. With a tablet or iPhone, a Blackberry or an iPad, or any one of a host of other devices, you can stay in touch with your markets at the touch of a screen. And this, ultimately, means more freedom in your personal life and more control over your trading.

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