7 of the Best Investing Magazines

Whenever someone asks me what the best xxx are, I always feel the need to give this caveat: I can give you my opinion, but that doesn’t mean what I say is, definitively, the best.

With that bit of a disclaimer out of the way, there are a lot of good investing magazines out there and a few great ones. Some are for high-end investors; others are exclusively for smaller, individual retail investors looking to turn a profit. Others still offer content for everyone in between.

Here, I’ll give you a rundown of what constitutes an investing magazine worth reading and buying, and then give you a few titles worth checking out (whether they’re in print or digital). I’ll also throw in a few recommendations for general magazines that aren’t necessarily only for investing, but give you a well-rounded grasp of key subjects.

Great Investment Magazines to Consider

With all of that said, there are actually a lot of good magazines on the market when it comes to investments. Some are pretty technical; some are more general interest. But all offer information that traders can use to turn a profit in their chosen markets.


Kiplinger is one of the best investment magazines out there, in my opinion. Kiplinger mainly focuses on personal finance and routinely includes advice on making wise investments, including its well-known “Kiplinger 25: The Best No-Load Mutual Funds” list released every year.

Investor’s Business Daily

IBD is a fantastic magazine that is mostly geared toward serious investors interested in taking the reins of their own portfolio and actively trading. I particularly like the level of analysis it provides for stocks, as well as the great educational pieces it provides on everything from using return on equity as an investment metric to how to evaluate a company.

Traders World

If you’re a fan of technical analysis, or just want to know more about the discipline, TW is one of the best publications out there. It only comes out four times a year, and it gets, well, technical, but TW is well worth examining for any technical analysts out there.


TradersMagazine.com is an online publication that focuses on the more-technical aspects of trading various assets, from stocks and ETFs to currencies and options. It does get into the weeds quite a bit, but it is a good way to stay abreast of developments to trading systems and learn more about investing domestically and globally.

Great Business/Economic Magazines

To be a better trader, you’ll need to keep up with markets, economies, and news and developments in the world around you. The level of detail is determined by how deeply you want to dive into the info out there. If you are into trading metals in the commodity markets, you’d probably need to subscribe to a couple of industry-specific publications. If you’re looking for more general info, though, these magazines can help.

The Economist

The Economist is one of the most respected publications of its kind in the world. If you want to identify global trends in business and economics and find nuggets of information about the market forces out there in the world, this publication is a great choice.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek is a weekly business magazine that covers anything from finance to politics. It is a competitor to Forbes and Fortune, which are both good choices (and both are more business-oriented), but to me BusinessWeek does the best job at integrating business and economics with everything else in society – thus presenting a well-rounded view of the environment. One thing I particularly like: BusinessWeek gives you a portrait of mergers, acquisitions, and other items related to companies undergoing change.


Inc. is a fun magazine to read that focuses on entrepreneurship and business development. It’s most famous feature is the “Inc. 500”, the 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

Like I mentioned above, try to find publications that cater to your respective field of interest. If you’re into commodities, find commodity trade journals. If you’re into currencies, look for global financial magazines or regional publications that cover the area in which you are interested. If you like stocks, and want to know more about a particular sector, look for magazines that cover that particular sector.

You can go as deep as you want – and deeper, for the most part, is better.

What Makes a Great Magazine?

Since investing places your money at risk, you understandably want to take advice only from experts who know what they’re talking about.

So, to me the most distinguishing characteristic of a great investing magazine is one with content written by experts – people who have been in the field and actually traded themselves. Sure, you can digest the occasional piece from an economist, and any kind of expert insight is valuable, but for investment advice you want to hear from people who have made it work for themselves.

That’s why everyone listens to Warren Buffett when he talks. The man has 44 billion reasons why.

If you can find magazines with a varied focus on actual trading or investment tips, that’s a bonus. It’s cool to be a fundamental trader or a technical trader, but ideally you want a magazine that gives you a nice assortment of both types of advice.

Finally, if you can find a magazine that offers access to an online trove of wisdom, information, or other components in a package deal, take it.

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