Archive | March, 2013

Free Prepaid Credit Cards

Perhaps the term ‘prepaid credit card’ is a misnomer, but it is a common one. Many people view prepaid debit cards as credit cards, because they are used so similarly. The real difference between a credit card and a debit card, of course, is that with the former you are borrowing money and with the […]

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How to Make a Deposit in to Your Online Checking Account

Online accounts are a part of everyday life for savings needs of many of us – they offer better rates of interest and are more easily managed. Deposits can be made electronically, and regular deposits can be set up from one account to another. Becoming more common now, and following on from the popularity of […]

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How Do Savings Bonds Work – And Do They Belong in Your Portfolio?

A common question asked by novice investors is “How do savings bonds work?” Most likely, your only existing exposure to savings bonds lies in your childhood. You probably received one as a birthday gift from your least favorite Aunt – when you really wanted that awesome new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure, or a […]

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