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How to Invest One Million Dollars

If you had a million dollars to invest, how would you do it? As this is a large amount for an individual, in most instances it’s advisable to invest conservatively. There are many options, and it does depend on what your goals are. You could invest to grow your retirement fund, build up a sizable […]

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Why Investing at a Young Age is a Good Idea

When you’re young, retirement seems like a million years away. Unfortunately, it isn’t – which means you have a limited window of opportunity to save your money, invest it, and let it grow. Only less than 50% of workers today are confident that they’ll be able to retire at all – and over a quarter […]

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Should I Invest In the Stock Market or Pay Off Bills?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If you can definitively answer this question of circular reasoning, you can probably answer the question of whether you should invest extra money or pay off debt first. It’s largely a matter of opinion, however there are guidelines that make sense in this eternally burning question and […]

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