Stock Trading Education and FAQ

Let’s start with the Stock Trading FAQ

What are Stocks and Shares?
This is starting point and the most commonly asked FAQ by new investors.

How Do I Start Trading Stocks?
Ideal starting point if you are new to trading, I talk about the markets and the best ways of getting started.

What is the Difference Between Common and Preferred Stock?
Preferred stocks get various priorities such as in the event of bankruptcy, preference shareholders get paid first. They also have often have preferential terms.

Can I Trade Stocks Commission Free?
Yep, you can with Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs), but with some brokers charging less than $5 per trade, do you need to?

What Time Do Stock Markets Open and Close?
I list the trading hours of all the major stock markets and some more.

What Is the Difference Between Stocks and Bonds?
If you own stock in a company, you own a portion of the company. If you own Bonds you have lent money to the company.

Should I Invest In the Stock Market or Pay Off Bills?
A tricky dilemma, the answer is, “It Depends”.

How much money do I need to start investing?
I explore the options if you only have a small amount to invest.

What Is an IPO?
IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. It’s when a company sells stock for the first time.

What are Blue Chip Stocks?
Blue chips are the stocks that have the big market caps and are generally considered to be lower risk.

What Are Growth Stocks?
Growth companies are those that are still growing at a rapid rate. They often don’t pay dividends as it makes more sense to reinvest the profits into the company.

Should You Use Stock Picking Software?
Personally, I would say no. There are no shortcuts to being a successful trader and your time would probably be better spent on real trading rather than automated trading.

How to Follow Stocks
Following stocks can seem tough at first, let me show you the best ways to do it.

Can anyone buy stocks or are there restrictions?
Thankfully with the invention of the internet and online brokers, it’s now possible for most people to trade stocks.

What Is Short-Selling Stock?
Short selling is a way of trading to make money when a stock price falls.

Individual Stocks or Mutual Funds?
Good question, it really depends on your goals and personal circumstances.

What is a Stock Split?
A stock split is one option a company has to makes its stock more appealing to a wise audience.


Stock Trading Basics: A Guide To How the Market Works
Learn the basics of how the market works and some of the order types there are commonly used.

The Ultimate Guide To Stock Screeners
A stock screener allows you to search for stocks that meet a specific criteria, such as “market cap above $100bn with a P/E ratio of less than 12”.

Top Stock Trading Strategies
Having a good strategy is vital for success as a trader. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

How To Read Stock Charts: The Conclusive Guide
Stock charts may seem confusing at first, but they can often provide a helpful insight into where a particular market may be heading next.

The Decisive Guide To Finding High Dividend Stocks
With rates on your savings at record lows, dividend stocks have never been so appealing.

A Basic Guide to Stock Chart Patterns
There’s no doubt chart patterns can often give an insight into where a particular stock may be heading next. Let me talk to you about the most common patterns.

A Guide to After Hours Trading
After hours trading can be more profitable, but it certain comes with extra risks.

Trading Stocks on Margin
You can buy stocks on margin, I personally wouldn’t, but many do.

A Guide To Stock Broker Commissions
Find out why your broker commissions are so important and how they can have a big affect on your trading results.

A Guide To Trading Moving Averages
Moving averages smooth out price action and can be useful for picking out trends.

Getting Started in the Stock Market
A guide to help you get started if you are new to trading.

Top Guide to Simulated Stock Trading
Trading a simulated account is an excellent way to test your strategies before risking your money.

How to Buy and Sell Stocks With a Broker
Unless you have access to a major trading floor, you’ll need to trade through a brokerage firm. This article shows you how to do just that.

Stock Trading Books
While internet websites such as WiseStockBuyer can be very helpful for learning about the markets, additional sources can’t hurt.

Stock Trading Terminology
When learning to trade, it’s important to get to grips with the lingo

Best Way To Invest In Stocks
Here we talk about the various ways you can buy stocks.

When Did The Stock Market Begin?
The stock market has been around a very long time in one form or another, perhaps longer than you realize.

How To Buy Stocks In Oil
With oil prices being so volatile lately, it’s not surprising that there are many good opportunities to buy oil stocks.

Why Investing At a Young Age Is a Good Idea
If you start investing when you are young, you have more time to compound those returns and retire early.

Quick Tips For Learning How To Buy Canadian Stocks and Top 3 Canadian Stock Screeners and Canadian Stock Brokers
A look at how to buy stocks north of the American border.

Stock Market for Kids
A basic guide to the stock market for youngsters. The earlier we learn how to manage money the better.

How To Find Penny Stocks
Penny stocks are very risky and often not very liquid, there are not for me, but many people do like them.

How to invest 1 million dollars
If you have a million bucks to invest, most people would want to be more conservative with it and take less risk, here we give you some options to do just that.

How to profit from Value Investing
Value investing has been a very popular and successful strategies for some of the worlds most successful investors, including Warren Buffet.

8 Of The Best Stock Trading EBooks
Some of the best Free ebooks on the web to help improve your trading.

50 Stock Trading Tips To Improve Your Trading
Some very important tips that are essential for being a successful trader.

A Guide to Long Term Investing
Some of the richest men in the world are long term investors, so if you do it right, you can do very well.

Who Regulates the Stock Market?
There are many different bodies that regulate the stock market, banks and brokers.

All About Currency Mutual Funds
Currency mutual funds generally give a broad exposure to the currency markets.

How to Earn Money Online Without Investing in the Stock Market
There are many ways to make money online without investing in the stock market, but I’m afraid none of them are easy!

How the Economy Affects the Stock Market
The economy can have a huge affect on the stock markets, as the economy effects the bottom line of most companies in one way or another.

Understanding the Stock Market
Getting to grips with the stock market can be tough at first, here’s a few pointers.

Should I Sell All My Stocks Now?
The answer is probably not, unless you think the world is about to end!

How to Buy Gold Stocks
Think gold prices are going to rise? You can capitalize by buying gold stocks.

Stock Trading Rules
To be successful as a trader it is very important to follow a set of rules.

All About Electronic Stock Trading
Find out how electronic trading has made trading so much more accessible.

How to Buy Facebook Stock
Facebook was the biggest IPO in recent history, but is the biggest social media website a good buy?

Basics of Day Trading
There are some traders who make a good living day trading, but you need to have a lot of discipline and commitment to make it work.

Investment Tools to Help With Your Trading
A good trader doesn’t blame his tool when they don’t work, he picks the right tools.

How to Pick Stocks
A few extra tips to help you pick the right stocks for your risk tolerance.

Stock and Trade Analysis: Tools and Tips for Smarter Trading
Make sure you the right strategy when you analyze your stocks.

Stock Market Information: All About the Market and How You Can Get Started
Not sure whether or not to get started with trading? Have a read here.

Stock Market Panic: How You Can Take Advantage
When things go wrong, people panic, markets crash. Find out how you can make money at these times.

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis
Two different ways to evaluate a stock, which is right for you?

A Guide To Valuation Ratios
If you don’t know your P/E ratio from your Price/Sales ratio, this page is for you.

If you need you brush up on your technical analysis we have articles on MACD, Relative Strength Index, Trailing Stop Orders and Limit Orders

Alternative Investing

Our Alternative Investing section got has grown and can now be found here.


What is ETF?
An ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund. There are thousands of ETFs nowadays trading in even the more obscure instruments.

Foreign Currency ETFs
Yes, you can even trade and invest in currencies through exchange traded funds.

Gold and Silver ETFs
A guide to in investing in precious metals through ETFs.

Index ETFs
Index funds are a great way to invest directly in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 and many of the other major indices.

Gasoline ETFs
You know how much gasoline prices fluctuate at the pump, right? These ETFs are the same.

Crude Oil ETFs
It’s the most widely traded commodity on the planet and presents so many great opportunities. ETFs are one of the easiest ways to trade oil.

Stock Market Crash of 1987

1929 Stock Market Crash

A Guide to the 2000-2001 Tech Bubble

Should I Trade In The Pre-Market Hours?
The Pre-Market presents some trading opportunities, but is often riskier than normal trading times due to reduced volume.

What is Libor?
This Stands for London Interbank Offer Rate. Yeah, Sounds like Jargon.

Risk Management when Stock Trading
Risk management is essential to be a successful trader in the long term.

A Quick Look at Small Cap Stocks
Smaller companies stocks are often more volatile, so the potential for quick profits is possible, but of course, the reverse is also true.

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